Harmony of the spheres plays 3 concerts at Tampere Biennale!

© Henri Melaanvuo


Jorma Kalevi Louhivuori – trumpet, Aino Peltomaa – vocals, Antti Peltomaa – bouzuki, keys, electronics, Jari Suominen – synthetizator

The concert ends at about 10.40

O Pastor Animarum

O pastor animarum / et o prima vox / per quam omnes creati sumus / nunc tibi, tibi placeat / ut digneris / nos liberare de miseriis / et languoribus nostris.

O shepherd of our souls / and primeval voice / through whom all are created, / let it now be your pleasure / that you consent / to free us from our misery / and ailment.

– Hildegard of Bingen

Harmony of the Spheres explores a dialogue between human and universe, between the eternal and the present moment. Meditative surround soundscapes, inspiring Medieval tunes by Hildegard of Bingen and improvisation combine with original compositions to produce a soothing tapestry.

The guest performer in this morning’s improvisation is Jari Suominen on the DIMI-A synthesizer.

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